Hero Dark

We first have to create the selectors for the different types of nodes and links. We can then use these selectors to create the bubble menu.

import { NodeSelector } from "./selectors/node-selector";
import { LinkSelector } from "./selectors/link-selector";
import { ColorSelector } from "./selectors/color-selector";
import { TextButtons } from "./selectors/text-buttons";

      placement: openAI ? "bottom-start" : "top",
    className='flex w-fit max-w-[90vw] overflow-hidden rounded border border-muted bg-background shadow-xl'>
      <NodeSelector open={openNode} onOpenChange={setOpenNode} />
      <LinkSelector open={openLink} onOpenChange={setOpenLink} />
      <TextButtons />
      <ColorSelector open={openColor} onOpenChange={setOpenColor} />